Event Services
As with any event, power is the essential part of making the event work, we have over 500 gen sets nationwide that will give the power required for any event. may it be in a field or in a town centre these units can be placed anywhere, they are super silent to 89db so there is no noise to disturb the event and can come in three forms:

Standard - Main generator and/or back up with an AMF (Auto Mains Failure Panel) if main gen set fails back up will power up and switch AMF over with a 15 second break in power.

Synced (Synchronised) - e.g. 2 x 100 Kva sets Sync become 200Kva both running ,if pull is greater than 100Kva second set will harmonise and give the extra Kva required  and allows no interruption if main set fails

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) - These sets come as Mains and Back up unlike the standard these sets do not have a break in power as back up kicks in and switches over

Below is the rating and specs of the generators including a calculation to convert Kva into Amps (Kva and Amps are not the same for example 100 Kva is 139Amps)

Generator Useful Technical Equations For 3 Phase

To find Amps when KVA is known:-  (Kva x 1000) divide by (1.73 x Volts)
To find Kilowatts (kW) :- (Amps x 1.73 x Volts x Power Factor) divide by 1000
To find kVA :- (Amps x Volts x 1.73) divide by 1000
To convert kVA to kW :- kVA x Power Factor
To convert kW to kVA :- kW divide by Power Factor